One of the top filters used by landscape photographers is a circular polarizer. This filter used on to the last point of your lens and twists to create a polarizing outcome. What does this mean exactly? Think about looking at a scene with your naked eye and then putting on a pair of sunglasses. Notice the way the glare is diminished and colors are enhanced? That is what the polarizing filter does for the view your camera will capture.

Why would you want to use a polarizer? Here are a few desirable ways the polarizer will your landscape imagery:

  1. Enhance color and contrast in the sky – Using a polarizer will turn light blue skies to deep blue skies. It will add beautiful contrast to daytime skies and bring out the definition in the clouds against the blue sky.
  2. Using a polarizer helps to bring a crispness and remove glare from foliage allowing the colors to shine.

When using a circular polarizer, it is important to one that fits the diameter of your lens. For example, many of my Nikon lenses are 77mm in diameter, so I have a 77mm circular polarizer that fits those lenses. If you have lenses of varying diameters you can buy the step up rings to use a bigger filter with lenses of smaller diameters. For example I have an 82mm filter that fits my Sony 16-35mm lens and I use a 67mm step up rings to use the same filter with my 24-70 lens.

To use a polarizing filter, the filter onto the last point of the lens. There is a second ring on the filter that twists to create the polarizing effect. As you twist, you can see the change in your scene. Twist until you get the desired result.  It is important to note that the polarizer works best from the sun. So sun at your left or right when you are clicking the images. Be careful with wide angle lenses too as the polarizing It’s also important to keep in mind that because the polarizer some rays of the sun,

Daytime photography – Daytime photography is a perfect time to develop the circular polarizer. Enhance the colors of the landscape and bring out the definition of white puffy clouds and the blue sky.A circular polarizer is a great tool to have in your bag for landscape photography.

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