The Hague is located on the coast of the Netherlands. From Amsterdam, it takes just 50 minutes to get here by train, so The Hague makes a great day trip destination from Amsterdam.

In one day, you can visit several art museums, visit the beach if the weather is nice, and enjoy The Hague’s awesome delicious food scene.

Before you plan your day trip here, it’s important to know why The Hague is such an important city in the Netherlands.

In addition to these , the Noordeinde Palace, which is located in the center of The Hague, is a working residential palace of King Willem-Alexander. It’s quite an important city, not only for the Netherlands but the rest of the world.

The big reason for recommending The Hague is that it fulfils two sets of criteria. Hop on a bus or a tram in the centre of The Hague and in under thirty minutes you can be on Scheveningen or Kijkduin Beach. Both are wide with soft sand and plenty of cool beach clubs, surf schools, and places to hire sun loungers. Scheveningen is more of a ‘resort’ with its pier complete with ferris wheel, bungy jump and famous grand hotel ‘Kurhaus’. Meanwhile, back in the city centre you’ll find streets lined with boutiques and hipster cafes, historic palaces, galleries. If you want a bit of everything, it’s a great destination.

Visit The Beach

Let’s start this list of the best things to do in The Hague with a trip to the beach.

Indeed, as surprising as it sounds, The Hague is home to a number of genuinely lovely beach resorts – with each just a short journey from the city centre.

By far our favourite resort was Kijkduin, a quiet, relaxed and vibrant spot on The Hague’s golden coastline.

Explore the Prettiest Street in The Hague

For a relatively small city, the list of best things to do in The Hague is a surprisingly long one.

We’d suggest starting your exploration of the city on The Hague’s prettiest street: Lange Voorhout.

Designed in an ‘L’ shape and surrounded by a sea of purple crocuses and ancient linden trees, this grand boulevard. everyone wanted to be seen here . Throughout the residents would head to this small part of the city each Sunday, eager to attend the weekly parade.

Visit Escher in het Paleis

Once the former winter residence of the Netherland’s much-loved Queen Emma, this beautiful building is now home to the popular Escher Museum: Escher in het Paleis.

Displaying a permanent exhibition on the Dutch graphic artist, here the surreal works of MC Escher mingle with glittering diamond chandeliers, polished bronze staircases and enormous bay-fronted windows.

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