The beauty of living in Dorset is that you are never more than a 30-minute drive from a magical location, whether that is a dramatic seascape, magical woodland, or incredible countryside view just begging to be photographed. So, after getting into landscape photography just four years ago now, what’s my favourite part of being a landscape photographer in Dorset

In all honesty, I know no different… I have lived in Dorset for all of my 26 years, my parents and grandparents the same, in actual fact, we all live within a 15-minute drive of each other. We used to go on plenty of walks when I was younger and I never really appreciated where we lived until I picked up a camera and got into landscape photography. So, in this months blog, let me share with you the two best things about Dorset – The Coast and The Countryside.

The Coast

I can almost guarantee that when you think of Dorset, you think of the miles of sandy beach and the famous Jurassic Coastline. It is, without a doubt, one of the best things about being a landscape photographer in Dorset. In my first few years of getting into landscape photography, could probably say that I click the picture on the coast about 95% of the time, at least three to four times a week – mainly sunset because I was yet to get clock used to sunrises

which features some of the most important geology anywhere on the Jurassic Coast. Once you go at low-tide and witness the natural limestone ledges leading out into the bay, you will see straight away why it is an extremely popular spot for us Dorset photographers. Just be Extremely careful when stepping out onto the ledges, over the years I have seen on three occasions photographers completely stack it. So make sure to wear appropriate footwear and respect the tides as they move in extremely fast. I personally check the tide times on three applications, just to be sure.

Now, at the complete other end of the scale to the coast, Dorset has some of the most side views on offer in potentially, the whole. Well, we haven’t got majestic mountains or large lakes with towering hills, but what we do have are amazing open spaces that are a natural habitat for mornings, woodlands that shelter secret fields of bluebells, and an amazing array of crops that are harvested throughout the summer months – the photography opportunities really are exciting. Here are a few of my favourites from the past experience.

You may notice a little bit of a theme amongst my inland or “countryside” images that are in my portfolio, in that the majority are in misty or foggy conditions… I would without a doubt say that it is my favourite conditions to photograph during the Spring and Summer months. When the sunrises at 4am and your alarm sounds at 3am, that is when living in Dorset is a real treat for us landscape photographers. You can drive for ten minutes and be at a location you’ve scouted before, ready to click the picture the conditions you’ve been waiting for.Anyway, a big thank you for taking the time to take a read of this months blog, I hope you enjoyed it, short and sweet but just a little insight into why Dorset is so popular for us landscape photographers.

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