andscape photography is one of the interesting and rewarding genres of photography, so it’s no surprise that it’s hugely popular. It is a subset of photography that focuses on capturing the beauty of the natural landscapes found outdoors.

Landscape photography aims to take the viewer into the world being photographed and retrieve the feeling of beauty that they might feel if they were standing in the same place as the photographer.

In this article we will discuss many aspects and types of landscape photography, In addition, we will provide a complete guide to help you enhance your skills, and hopefully be able to click the picture and unforgettable photos.

What is landscape photography?

Landscape photography shows the spaces within the world, sometimes vast, but other times microscopic. Landscape photographs typically capture the presence of nature but can also focus on its features or of landscapes. Landscape photography is done for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most common is to recall a personal observation or experience while outdoors, especially when travelling. Others pursue it particularly as an outdoor lifestyle, to be involved with nature and the elements, some as an escape from the artificial world.

Styles of landscape photography

There are three major styles of landscape photography


This style is the most natural and realistic out of all the styles of landscape photography. The approach is capturing the scene as it is, with your choices of framing, and composing the photo.

I mpressionistic:

The goal is not capturing the landscape as is, you’re trying to transform a feeling, an impression of the scene into a photograph. Intentionally out of focus, almost painting-like look. The viewer is given the impression of a landscape rather than the true representation of one.


Abstract landscape photographs use components of the scenery as a main subject. The photographer may place emphasis and focus in an area within the landscape itself, and on something which seems counterintuitive.

Crystal Ball Photography

A popular form of photography in recent years involves the use of a Crystal Ball. This is a glass ball that works as an external lens optic, this can be handheld or put on the ground. The shots taken using a crystal ball look very similar to those taken by the fisheye lens.

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