the Forgetting Time House, this 14,000 sq ft home was designed to take you back to that blissful mindset of early childhood when time had no meaning. Created by Architecture + Design, this concept is all about balance. The design alternates between areas of openness and enclosure, lightness and solidity. All in the hope that the homeowners may become more present, in a state of easy timelessness. The courtyard has been created as a place to slow down and be mindful, to throw out the schedule. The courtyard connects the living spaces with its uplifting green landscape. A swimming pool glitters in the bright sunshine.The boundary wall design draws a solid, protective perimeter around the property.

Trees from the garden appear over the top of the boundary wall, merging the site with the larger landscape. A wide wooden gate gives vehicle entry into the sanctuary of home, and locks out the rest of the world. An expansive porte-cochère spans the full length of the building, sheltering the grand entrance to the home. A border of elegant foliage glows emerald in the exterior uplights.

Once inside the inner sanctum, a peaceful modern courtyard unfolds. A majestic Frangipani tree grows at its center, creating an inspiring focal point. Days spent under the breezy veranda, out of the tropical sun, are meant for sweet memories and dreams.

A perfect lawn blankets the ground beneath the mature tree. The grass creates a soft place to lie down in the shade and while away the hours with a good book, or to be among the children as they play.

A shallow swimming pool stretches from one side of the courtyard to the other, tiled in a fresh aqua mosaic. Lights from the house reflect upon the water at night, creating a river of warmth.A canopy over the terrace connects the separated volumes of the home. Wood cladding is installed along the underside of the concrete structure, adding a tone. The resulting design is open and freeing yet comfortingly enveloping.A narrow ledge allows the homeowner to pad barefoot outside on their way to the next room. The kitchen has a fresh, white decor scheme, with crisp gloss white units . A ceiling fan whirs above a small dining spot, keeping it comfortably cool.An outdoor sofa fashions an external living space, where the homeowners can gaze up at the stars after dark. Spotlights shine down upon the relaxation spot, allowing family members and friends the chat long into the night.

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